Graduate collection A/W 17


The modern boys loss of identity meets military surplus and workwear garments,

serving as a call to arms for a new generation discontent with the world around them.

instagram: @emmabrie1994


UNIVERSAL SOLDIER is the physical realisation of a body of research

into the relationship between activism and art focusing on the spirit of radicalism

and its contribution to both artistic practice and political revolt.

The collection aims to capture the freedom and the chaos

of the emotions of the average boy: to create an outlet for a political identity

charged by the experimentations of youth and desire to make a change to the world.

Visual motifs and screen prints are inspired by the counterculture movement,

with slogans used throughout the collection

inspired by the 1960’s British folk singer Donovan’s 1965 album Fairytale.

Every piece of the collection has been Handcrafted and made in England.